Van der Meer Consulting B.V.


Cooperation and sponsoring

Van der Meer Consulting has an extensive network of experts and companies in the field. Through cooperation, joint venture or sub-contracting clients needs are met in an optimum way.

Close cooperation is found with Infram, as former employer of Van der Meer, and BMT Argoss, as specialized consultant in hydraulic research and consultancy and also as colleagues in former days at Delft Hydraulics. Other cooperation in research is found with Ghent University, Belgium, University of Edinburgh, Scotland and University of Aachen, Germany. A long lasting collaboration has been established with the University of Bologna on wave reflection and development of Artificial Neural Networks.

Research topics are often explored in cooperation with Deltares, Delft University or UNESCO-IHE at Delft.



Vietnamese Wave Overtopping Simulator

Vietnamese Wave Overtopping Simulator, a cooperation between Delft University and the Water Resources University at Hanoi.

Sponsoring Skûtsje Heerenveen

Van der Meer Consulting is official "freon" (friend) of Heerenveen Skûtsje, a traditional old inland waterway sailing freight ship. These ships have sailing matches every summer on the Frisian lakes.

Sponsoring Skûtsje Heerenveen

Sponsoring BFVW

Van der Meer Consulting is sponsor of the Bond Friese Vogelwachten (Union of Frisian Bird Protection Clubs). It is a union without own nature reserves. De union wants to protect and improve the quality of nature and perception of nature in broad sense in the province of Fryslân.

Sponsoring Bond Friese Vogelwachten (Union of Frisian Bird Protection Clubs)

Pewit or lapwing