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2. Design conditions

2020 Lashley, C., J.D. Bricker, J.W. van der Meer, C. Altomare and T. Suzuki. Relative magnitude of infragravity waves at coastal dikes with shallow foreshores: a prediction tool. ASCE, J. Waterway, Port, Coastal, Ocean Eng. DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE) WW.1943-5460.0000576. © 2020 American Society of Civil Engineers. (1654 kB)
2020 Lashley, C., B. Zanuttigh, J.D. Bricker, J.W. van der Meer, C. Altomare, T. Suzuki, V. Roeber and P. Oosterlo. Benchmarking of numerical models for wave overtopping at dikes with shallow mildly sloping foreshores: Accuracy versus speed. Elsevier, Environmental Modelling and Software 130 (2020) 104740. (3016 kB)
2019 Lashley, C., J.D. Bricker, J.W. van der Meer, C. Altomare and T. Suzuki. Infragravity-wave dominance at sea-dikes fronted by very and extremely shallow foreshores. Proc. ISOPE, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. ISBN 978-1 880653 85-2; ISSN 1098-6189. (613 kB)
2018 Oosterlo, P., J..W. van der Meer, B. Hofland and G. van Vledder. Wave modelling in a complex estuary: study in preparation of field measurement campaign Eems-Dollard estuary. ASCE, proc. ICCE 2018, Baltimore, USA. (1.2 MB); PowerPoint presentation (4.0 MB)
2002 Van der Meer, J.W., J.W. Langenberg, M.Klein Breteler, D.P. Hurdle and F. den Heijer. Wave boundary conditions and overtopping in complex areas. Paper presented at the 28th International Conference on Coastal Engineering, Cardiff, UK. (172 kB); PowerPoint presentation (3.8 MB)
1999 Klopman, G. and Van der Meer, J.W. Random wave measurements in front of reflective structures. Journal of WPC and OE, ASCE, Volume 1, No. 1, pp. 39-45. New York. (616 kB)
1989 Van der Meer, J.W. Measurement and analysis of directional seas in a basin. Proc. 23rd IAHR Congress, Ottawa. (1.7 MB)

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